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Take advantage of our new page for smartphones. The best property can move very quickly, so if you want to be the first to swoop on that dream home, then this information could give you a big advantage.

Simply enter from your smartphone browser application, and you will get a list of the latest properties listed on our site.smartphone access to

This easy to use listing gives you hundreds of properties in your pocket as they are posted. Property details are listed along with photos.

Click on the details and you can view the full property details, where you can see contact details for the person selling the property.

You don't even have to install an App, since it is purely web-based and there is nothing to pay - it's a free service!

If the service proves popular, we will develop it further so that you can list properties situated physically near you. Let us know what you think!

iPhones and other equivalent mobile phones are the new way to surf the internet and obtain instant information. They are becoming an essential item for everyone who needs access to the Internet, and that is practically everyone!

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